A professional stay-at-home-mom for twenty-one years, Jill started her writing career in 2016 after reading a really bad rockstar romance. Although she had no previous writing experience and no desire to become an author, Jill was convinced she could write a better story.
And so began Cake: A Love Story. She wrote the novel for fun and added every single thing she’d ever wanted to read in a romance. Embarrassed by her newfound hobby, Jill kept her writing a secret from her family.
When the story was complete, she turned to Amazon to get the feedback she desired. Not thinking the book would ever sell, Jill planned to pull Cake off Amazon once it got a review or two but that never happened because, within a week of its release, Cake began to soar up the bestseller charts. Not only was Jill shocked by Cake’s success but now she had a whole new burgeoning career on her hands… and some explaining to do. Needless to say, the news of Jill’s secret book baby came as a complete shock to her husband and three children.
Jill is now a full-time writer.


Hunker Down with the McKallisters

Now available!


coming 2021.. add to your TBR!


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I have a Facebook Page called the Banana Binder for readers who want a more behind the scenes look into the Cake Series.

As the name suggests, this is a lighthearted and enthusiastic group of Cake fans that freely share their input and ideas. We’d love to have you.


For rights inquiries regarding Jill’s work, please contact Michelle Wolfson at michelle@wolfsonliterary.com