sketch monsters

Meet the Real Sketch Monsters

Fun Fact! Sketch Monsters was a real 80s metal band. 

Sketch Monsters was the brainchild of my brother Mike, who played in a number of metal bands growing up in Eureka, California, including Addiction, Sketch Monsters, and ‘the shittiest band in town,’ Defecation. It is true that my mother was so embarrassed by the band name Defecation that she told anyone who asked that the name of Mike’s band was Def Vacation. 

It is also true that the way Jess came about the name ‘Sketch Monsters’ is an accurate depiction of how Mike and his equally inebriated buddies first discovered the imaginary creatures amongst the redwood trees in Humboldt County. 

A special thank you to my brother Mike Wheeler and his bandmates Matt Faulkner and Brandon Gambles (and a special mention goes out to family friend Joel Krueger, the guitarist for Defecation) for allowing me to use Sketch Monsters in my story. I hope I did the name proud.