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There’s A Song For That

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Game nights at the McKallister house are always riotous fun and what better card game for a family of musicians to play then one focused on music? As a bonus, this hilarious card game almost guarantees that Scott can’t cheat his way to a win.

There’s A Song For That is an adult party game created by my brother Rick and inspired by Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme. It was featured on Kickstarter and became a huge hit. Music fans love this game.

How To Play

Each player picks six random song title cards.

Players take turns picking a situation card.

Each of the remaining players play a song title card that they think best goes with the situation card.

The player who played the situation card picks the song title card they think goes best. that player gets a point.

The Player at the end of the game with the most points wins.

There’s A Song For That is for 3 or more players and is intended for adults.

Gameplay lasts between 30-90 minutes.

There are 200 cards in a deck.

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